Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sammydress Review: Lunch with the Girls

Hello chicas!

I recently went out with my sister and an old friend to grab lunch. I had my two review products with me so I decided to review those products while I was out and about. I realize this is a late post but I've been up late ever since I finished my Chem class. Sleeping in is awesome but it does ruin your sleeping schedule. :\ Plus, I took a 2 hour nap today. Oh my.

I reviewed two products from Sammydress -- sandals and a knuckle ring.

Let's start off with my casual sandals that are $20.71

I was immediately drawn to these sandals because they were this khaki brown that is easy to match my entire wardrobe. The little gold rings were a nice touch to the weave like design created by the thong of the sandal. They were flat and comfortable for a summer day as well.

I wore them all day to shop around and they didn't cause any problems or blisters. The quality looks very durable and I was really glad I picked these sandals!

Moving onto my little v shape ring, I can't believe that it's only a $1.30!

These knuckle rings are really in style so I decided to try one out. It fit comfortably and close enough to my knuckle that it felt secure. I have slim fingers so it looked best on my middle finger since this is a OSFA ring.

I'm also sharing my nail art tutorial here as well since as you can see, I have some pineapples going on! I feature my ring in here as well so you can see it on my finger for a better idea of what it looks like!

Hope you guys enjoyed my quick review and post. Definitely check out Sammydress for all your summer accessories and clothes. It's so inexpensive and chic. You'll love it!

P.S. Here is the molten lava cake that we shared during lunch... yummy!

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