Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School it is...

Hey guys!

I start school tomorrow... technically today since this post will go live tomorrow. I can't believe I'm already at my last semester of prerequisites and applying for grad school. It's so nerve wrecking to think that I have finally reached the defining moment in my life where I can cement my career path with a program. It's been a long journey (and still going) trying to apply for MSOT programs but I will slowly and surely get there.

The hardest part for me was definitely not the rigorous anatomy classes but the self doubt and burnt out feeling you experience inbetween your busy moments throughout the day. My worst critic is myself and before I go to sleep, I can't help but think about what I can do or what I'm not doing enough to make myself a better person tomorrow. It sounds so fluffy and ridiculous but it's true. I mainly think about what I'll be doing the next day to keep myself accountable and busy. It works sometimes and other times, you just know you really need a break.

That's one of the biggest things I took away from 2013-2014 so far. You cannot accomplish anything without giving yourself a break. I thought I could keep running on fuel that I wouldn't have later on and really pushed myself this year academically. I even took a miserable summer class to pace for this application cycle but I really needed to know I deserved to take it easy until fall semester. I tried and even though I probably could have relaxed more, I think I am getting better at letting go or at least easing off my crazy workaholic ways. If any of you guys are a workaholic, just know that your body and brain need rest to do it's best!

I wanted to share some photography I recently edited and watermarked. They are all available to purchase as prints. My friend recently moved into her apartment and started law school. I'm so proud of her but her walls are a little bare so I thought I'd give her some options from my portfolio!

I have SO many photos that I still need to edit but here are some from a botanical garden I went to and one from Ireland's botanical garden as well. :D Flowers are so naturally beautiful. It's amazing if you think about how all those colors just naturally grow on them. :)

I'm going to end today's post with this informative video I found. It shows what your maturing skin looks like and what it looks like with sunblock on. It's crazy. You SHOULD WEAR SUNBLOCK everyday!!

Have a lovely week everyone! :) Make small goals and win every week! 

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