Tuesday, August 12, 2014

College 101: The Run Down

Hey everyone!

I realize that I have readers who are all in very different places in their lives. I made a special video for all of you students who may be entering college or in college currently. This video covers my main "I wish I knew" kind of moments with college finances, schedules, and graduating. Of course, it can't cover everything but I gave a good overview.

Yeah... I hope this video helps at least one student out there. haha.

So I hope everyone is doing well. I am wrapping up my short summer and getting ready for fall semester already. I can't believe how fast it arrived but it's my last semester before applying to Masters Programs this fall. I'm thrilled and completely scared to have reached this point in my academic career. It's been a long time coming just taking prerequisites for a year and trying to keep myself motivated in the process.

I'm in my deepest slump with getting my app dates, requirements, etc together. I have made countless Excel sheets that somehow didn't help because OT Programs are constantly changing and updating. It looks like I know at least 2 programs I will be applying to but I'll add onto my list as I go. ^.^ If any of you know any good accredited colleges that offer MSOT programs, be sure to leave a comment!!

In other artsy news, I had a wild bracelet making session the other day and these beauties will be in stock soon! Most of them are made out of glass beads and they are so vibrant!!

I'll leave you on that note for now. I'm going to try to film more content for youtube before I start up school and see some of my friends! Make sure you enter CTN's current group giveaway. Amazing handmade prizes for everyone!

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