Sunday, August 24, 2014

Curl Your Hair with Ribbons!

Herro beautiful people!

So I started school and it's already given me lots of studying to do. Here comes the chaos. :D
Luckily, I enjoy anatomy. ^.^ 

Fun fact I recently learned: Our gums are made out of keratin. The more you floss in the crevices between your teeth, the more the strengthen the keratin which protects your gums from abrasion. Sugar and other products like to sink into the sulci (grooves or dips) between our teeth and the reason your gums bleed when flossing is because your gum's keratin is not strong enough to deal with that abrasion. So... more flossing equals more resilient keratin forming on your gums! P.S. I need to floss more.

Moving on, I wanted to share a no heat hair curling tutorial with you guys that I recently posted on Youtube.

It's really easy to do and sleep in so I hope you try it out if you like curling your hair. My curls lasted all day and by the end of the day, I had those lighter beachy waves that I love as well.

I hope you guys enjoy. I'm off to workout, shower, and study for the day to prepare for this week's class. 

For today's inspiration reel from tumblr:

Have a great week everyone~ Sending you good vibes. :)


  1. Such a cute idea! I am so going to try those ribbon curls! :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! Hope it works out well for your hair too! :D


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