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Super Sponsor Giveaway: Khaki's Bomb Balm

Hey beautiful people!

I'm back with a lovely returning Super Sponsor-- Khaki's Bomb Balm.

Here's a little intro to Khaki's work:

Khaki’s Bomb Balm is an all natural skin care line that utilizes raw African Shea Butter as the base to most products. I use only high quality essential oils and organic ingredients to create healthy and truly effective skin care for everyone. Handmade by Khaki, an Esthetician, mommy, wife and beach lover.

Khaki decided to send me some new skin goodies to try out from her shop. The logo and products have grown/changed since the last review so I was very excited to see all the changes! She already knew what she wanted to send me and and I was happy with everything in her shop so here is what I received:

Khaki's Bomb Balm never ceases to amaze me with their simple but earthy packaging. I received a thank you card and 2 samples of other products as well. Their business cards are even artsy!

I received a full size sheer Peppermint tinted lip balm and a grapefruit and grapeseed cleansing milk to review! The packaging was lovely as usual and perfect for gift giving!

Let's start off with the Pretty Peppermint Sheer Tinted Lip Balm.

My Peppermint lip balm arrived in a little round tin container with a labeled lid. It's a great size to carry around and the lid surprisingly stays on just fine even though it's not a screw on cap. It has a light red tint to it that adds a little flirt and color to your lips which I love. I would say it is more sheer than anything for just a nice shine on your lips than full on color. It's not overwhelming or sticky, it's just sheer moisture. I applied it over an hour ago and I still feel it on my lips!

I can see myself using this through the winter because the peppermint is so soothing and relaxing. It's cooling and with the natural ingredients in this lip balm, you actually get SPF 10 coverage as well. I thought that was super neat because I always look for lip balms with SPF (you should too to protect your lips)!

I like to directly place the lip balm on my lips to make it easier to apply. It's smooth application isn't greasy but still silky against your lips.

Here's what it looked like on me:

It's made of all natural ingredients:
  • Materials: Raw African Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Beetroot Powder, Peppermint Essential Oil

Moving onto the Grapeseed and Grapefruit Cleansing Milk...

Grapeseed & Grapefruit Cleansing Milk/All Natural Face Wash/ Raw Honey/Organic Coconut Oil/Anti-aging/ALL SKIN TYPES/Gentle Cleanser.
Grapeseed and Grapefruit Cleansing Milk $18
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this grape crazy cleansing milk from Khaki's Bomb Balm. The presentation was stunning and the directions were clearly written on the bottom of the bottle along with the ingredients. I shook it well before use as requested and lathered with water on my face. The texture is smooth but slightly thick for a milky texture that flows easily. I had no issues with the pump and found it really easy to pump out in the shower or by the sink. It's not messy and lathers gently into your pores!

Any skin type can use this and I love that because there are days where I don't want to exfoliate and irritate my skin during bad breakouts but you still want to clean your skin as much as possible. This is perfect for mild acne but perfectly fine to use on good skin days as well. I used it for a week and it made my skin feel nice and soft without irritating it and no new breakouts formed!

The scent is is very light in my opinion. I smell a hint of the grapefruit while I'm lathering and I'm not too familiar with grapeseed but overall, the cleanser didn't have a strong scent to me. I was very pleased with the final feeling of my skin because it felt supple and hydrated without experiencing any rough exfoliation to the skin. I could see anyone using this as a year round cleanser that's nourishing and gentle for any skin type.

That's the end of my review. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Moving onto our interview and featured products:
SPF25+ Raw Cacao/Orange/Rosemary Anti-Aging Face Cream/Raw Shea Butter/Organic Coconut Oil/Anti-Aging Sunscreen Moisturizer/Non-toxic cream
Raw Cacao, Orange and Rosemary Face cream with SPF25+
What is currently your favorite product? Why?: 

The Raw Cacao, Orange and Rosemary Face cream with SPF25+ has been a total favorite this summer. It smells like this delicious and herbaceous dessert and never feels greasy. I think its such a god send when you find a sunscreen face moisturizer that doesn't make your skin feel like it has plastic wrap over it. I love how it evens out my skin tone and is universally great for all skin types. The anti-oxidants and anti-aging effects don't hurt either ; ) If you haven't switched to a non-toxic SPF, it's definitely time. 

Dana: I tested out a sample of this product and it's very interesting. It's extremely moisturizing and gives your skin that dew touched moisture. I can't believe it has SPF25 because it's so hydrating and natural!

Replenishing Cleansing Grains/Organic Face Scrub/Mask/Anti-aging Face Mask/ Purifying/Healing Mask/Red Clay/Oatmeal Mask/Chamomile/Exfoliant
Replenishing Cleansing Grains Exfoliant $12
Share with us your creative process in designing or making a product. 

When an idea pops in my head, I immediately get a pen and paper (i'm old school) and start jotting down the ingredients I'll need and what ratios might make sense, then I really start to brainstorm what will make this new product really different and effective. I do a lot of research online and even drudge up my old Esthetics books sometimes. There is a lot of trial and error (I don't mind being the guinea pig) and reformulating until its just right. Everything is made is super small batches right in my kitchen on Plum Island. Sometimes its a good idea to take a step back and before you work on your next idea, really make sure you are IN LOVE with your current products, it's hard to do, but very very important. I have to remind myself all the time, slow yourself down : P

Dana: Sounds a lot like my painting process as well~ Trial and error only leads to improvement! 
Note that I tried out a sample of the replenishing grains above. It's made of Moroccan rhassoul clay and oatmeal which acts as a super cool natural scrub. Check it out if you are into earthy exfoliants.

Raw Honey Almond Face Exfoliant/Scrub/Mask. Organic Coconut Oil, Smoothing and Firming Natural Facial Mask. Almond Meal Exfoliant, Healing.
Raw Honey Almond Face Exfoliant $20

What made you decide to add little pieces of nature on top of your products? : 

Nature really inspires me, I live on the seacoast of Massachusetts on a beach and my surroundings are very important to me. I love that extra little touch too. What is in the product is of course the most important but I am a strong believer in a pretty presentation, the little flower, twig or piece of sea glass makes your product unique, its own and your own. No two are exactly alike just like no two flower petals are alike and thats beautiful. 

Dana: I absolutely love the presentation and Khaki's choice of flowers or sea glass is like the cherry on top of every exquisite batch of skincare!

Now for the amazing giveaway!! One lucky winner will be winning this amazing skincare set that is worth $46-- some products should look familiar from my review!

The Raw Cacao, Orange and Rosemary Face Cream with SPF 25+
The Sheer Tinted Lip Balm in Pretty Peppermint
The Replenishing Cleansing Grains

NOTE: Khaki's Bomb Balm is #10 on our rafflecopter entry list. You can enter all viral point entries at the top and then enter all 3 entry options just for this lovely sponsor.  Be sure to leave a comment on what item you favorited/liked best on etsy as a comment on this post! Good Luck!

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