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Super Sponsor Giveaway: One Happy Leaf

Hey beautiful people!

I just have to start this post with a squeal because I have been working with this sponsor for several years now. Let's welcome our newest Super Sponsor" One Happy Leaf

Find One Happy Leaf on etsy!

One Happy Leaf is just bursting with little wooden treasures to add to your jewellery accessory collection. Anna from One Happy Leaf is the powerhouse behind the business, designing and making cute, minimalistic (and sometimes quirky) jewellery. You just can’t help but smile when you look at the necklaces, earrings, brooches, hairpins or cufflinks available in store.

I have admired Anna of One Happy Leaf's work for quite some time now because it's not just handmade but eco-friendly, unique, yet fashionable at the same time.

Here's the awesome silver fox necklace that I got to review!

Silver fox necklace - fox pendant - laser cut wooden fox necklace - fox jewelry

Silver Fox Necklace $28.83
My silver fox necklace came in a lovely little flat box all the way from Australia. It was packaged in a cute little white draw string bag with a lovely mini business card. I knew right away what One Happy Leaf meant by their jewelry bringing out our true playful sides. This necklace automatically had me feeling refreshed and wearing a  piece adds some sugar and spice to your outfit! 

Here are some photos of me wearing the beautiful piece.  I got a lot of compliments and interest when people saw me wearing this piece. For one, it's wooden so it's already eye catching. The silhouette of this fox is very beautiful as well, capturing the spirit if a playful fox wonderfully.

This is me hanging out with some friends at Starbucks while wearing the necklace. It matches so many of my clothes. It goes well with prints and with solids too! I love the little bird added to the side of the chain. It adds more personality to the necklace and compliments the wooden pendants nicely.

As your day goes by, the chain will move and bring the bird closer to the fox. But no worries, adjusting the chain is really easy. I wore this One Happy Leaf necklace so often that I know it's comfortable and light to wear. Just be careful when you are changing or doing something active. I recommend keeping the necklace safe and removing it during these times first to avoid it snagging on something.

Here's a little selfie to finish up my review! Let's move onto interview questions and shop products!

Bird earrings - wooden eco friendly wood bird studs. Unique laser cut wooden jewelry.
Owl Earrings $21.12

1. How did your shop get started?

Anna: I started making laser cut jewellery as I love the look of clean, minimalistic lines coupled with the earthy feel that bamboo wood can bring. A lot of my pieces are inspired by nature because I think as adults we sometimes forget what it's like to be in nature, where we can be our most natural (playful!) self. My jewellery pieces are created to remind the wearer to connect with their authentic self and be happy. My animal designs in particular were created to start “omg, how cute!” conversations from anyone who sees the pieces. 

Dana: Being one with yourself includes all facets of you and One Happy Leaf does a phenomenal job relaying that very message through their effortlessly playful pieces of jewelry.
Owl hair clips - Eco friendly laser cut wooden owl jewelry, australia jewellery
Owl hair clips $11.52
2. What is your favorite product to design/make?

Anna: Oh, my statement necklaces are my favourite to design. I just love that I can get lost in a crazy design and not worry too much about getting it perfectly symmetrical. My statement necklaces are often abstract in appearance and I think it makes the piece bold and interesting. 

Below is one of One Happy Leaf's most popular abstract necklaces... can you say bubbly? ^.^
Abstract Statement necklace $33.59

3. Anything special you want to share about your work/products?

Anna: All of my jewellery items are eco-friendly as they are made from bamboo wood, which is a sustainable resource. The bamboo wood I use is Forestry Stewardship Council Certified. Oh, also the cherry on the top is that my jewellery pieces are vegan friendly :).
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Etsy Coupon Code: FIRSTLOVE at checkout to receive 10% off all items.

Now for our giveaway! One Happy Leaf is giving away an adorable bird necklace.

NOTE: One Happy Leaf is #3 on our rafflecopter entry list. You can enter all viral point entries at the top and then enter all 3 entry options just for this lovely sponsor.  Be sure to leave a comment on what item you favorited/liked best on etsy as a comment on this post! Good luck!

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  1. I adore this eye-catching design: www.etsy.com/listing/191317161/large-statement-necklace-abstract

  2. All the earrings are really cute, but I especially liked these heart ones. https://www.etsy.com/listing/97519614/love-heart-studs-small-earring-studs-eco

  3. Love this leaf necklace! https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/119466180/leaf-necklace-with-large-leaf-pendant?ref=pr_faveitems

  4. thanks! cogitoergosum8587@yahoo.it
    love https://www.etsy.com/it/shop/onehappyleaf?page=1

  5. I love
    Raffclopter: gemma

  6. What a fantastic shop! I have a hard time choosing a favourite. The bird necklace is lovely, and so are all the little wood animals as earrings. :) The acorn earrings might just be my favourite though.


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