Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bloominous-- Easy DIY Flower Kits

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Today is a lovely sponsored post with Bloominous-- a new shop on the block that offers easy DIY floral arrangements. I'm going to share some fun facts about Bloominous for all of you out there who would love a quick and easy way to make bouquets, boutonnieres, floral table arrangements and more!

Bloominous opened this year in 2014 to help event planners and brides with easy DIY event/wedding flowers. The flowers are prepped for you and shipped overnight to you with instructions on how to put it together within 10-20 minutes. Pretty neat isn't it?

The founder of Bloominous, Richard came up with this DIY floral kit idea when he and his soon-to-be wife were preparing for their wedding back in November, 2012. With everything else you have in mind with wedding chaos, they really wished they had an "IKEA for wedding flowers". And that's where the idea stemmed for Bloominous! 

If you don't like de-thorning or cutting flowers, this DIY floral kit from Bloominous is perfect for you. It cuts of time, labor, and it's cost friendly. 

Another cool aspect of Bloominous is that they offer designed themes so that you don't have to sit there and wonder which kind o flowers work together. You can easily choose from various floral kits like Enchanted Elegance (Pink and purple flowers) or my favorite, Country Charm (yellow with red). 

Of course, if you do know what you want, you can always ask to customize your order as well and have it shipped to your doorstep the way you want it.

I love DIYs and I can see these floral kits taking the dread out of floral arrangement preparation and turning it into a fun project for the bride and bridesmaids or even the groom. No fuss, no mess, just fun. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Who knows-- maybe one day you'll get to see a review with Bloominous too. :) Thanks for reading guys!

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