Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Fall & DressV Review

Hey everyone! Happy Fall!

It's getting chilly at night these days so I'm going to have to pull out those sweaters soon. :)

I know I haven't posted in a while but I'm doing well in school and just attempting to get over the midterm hump as of now. I had no idea how complex the cardiovascular system was in the human body but it is definitely pulling on my heart strings. Heart strings are real guys. They actually work as sails in our heart chambers to help the blood flow only in one direction by closing a valve once the blood as moved into a ventricle. Pretty cool huh? They're called chordae tendineae. Yay anatomy pointer of the day! :D

Anyway, DressV sent me a product to review in exchange for my opinion post here.

I chose this canvas blue backpack for well... school!

dressv.com SUPPLIES Best Selling New Arrival Laciness Canvas Backpack  BackpacksDressv.com

DressV is a wedding and formal event apparel dress store. They also carry shoes, accessories, and more. Since I wouldn't need to review a wedding dress or special event dress, I chose a product that I could put to use right away.

Here is the canvas backpack I chose in this blue color ($30.49) although they offered pink, purple, mint, etc.

I had a difficult time choosing an item to review because a lot of DressV's products that I liked were out of stock so I was going to review a handbag but I ended up with a backpack instead.

My package arrived safely and pretty quickly for an oversea delivery. 

What I liked the best about this bag:

The double zipper on the front mini pocket is great to separate some school supplies from cosmetics. It's easy to separate my lip balm and eye drops from some spare pens, sticky notes, etc.

The inside has a belt in pocket for a laptop with a padded layer for support. My laptop is too big for this pocket but I thought this was a nice touch that gave the backpack an overall better structure.

I had a few concerns:

My backpack did not come with a gray floral trimming but a bright blue one. The overall design looked the same as the picture but I was looking forward to the subdued blue/gray color combo but instead got a bright blue trim. I'm a little picky with colors and although the print and design of the overall backpack is fine, this bright blue made my backpack have an overall younger appeal to it. I'm a college student so the print made me think of a younger age group carrying this bright blue toned backpack over me who prefers a fun design but something still more age appropriate to cater to my taste.

The stitching in the inside of my backpack for these mini pockets were not secure at all. One tug and they unraveled. Since it's just an inner pocket, it's okay if it unravels since the backpack is still functional but it's still something worth noting. In various areas, I had some loose threads so I wouldn't recommend this backpack for any heavy books or material but for lightweight activities. 

Overall, the color is pleasant and the zippers are well made/well designed. 
Check out DressV's formal event wear and more!

I hope you guys enjoy my little review~ Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! I love your blog!!!
    How do you get involved with company reviews and such?

    1. Hey Dot!


      Many companies (such as this one) email me or if I find a small business I like, I'll shoot them an email about collaborating. :) Hope that answers your q!



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