Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Lisa Frank Wedding?! :)

Hey beautiful people!

I was recently a contributor to a fantastic Lisa Frank inspired wedding shoot.

Man, I used to LOVE Lisa Frank. Buying decorated school supplies always cost more and it was a luxury that my family didn't have. But, I had ONE Lisa Frank binder that I cherished for years. It had a colorful cover and velcro clasp. It was so precious that I didn't even use it for school and just used to it store my art and other creative writing.

Take a trip down memory lane with me!

I love all the vibrant colors and fun animals they used for their designs. These were just some of my favorites! Here's a link to the blog post on Friendors with all the video footage and photos outside of the ones I am sharing with you here.

This concept was just enough color for a wedding and curated beautifully. The bride's makeup and the use my my origami stars blew me away! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Take some color with you! :) Find my stars here! 

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