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Eyepster Review and Giveaway

Hey guys!
I'm here with a special treat as I have teamed up with Eyepster to offer you guys some funky and fun shades. :D Eyepster specializes in pinhole eyewear with a variety of inspirations and selections for parties, weddings, kids, and adults. I will be reviewing some choice sunglasses and host a giveaway!

Here's a little bio on Eyepster:

Started in early 2010 by husband-wife team, Eyepster- A young American company born and raised in Miami, Florida, drives it success off a simple idea of self-expression and creativity! 

The unique concept encourages customers to create, design and most importantly, connect with their shades. Eyepster fits any atmosphere as it is created with innovative printing technology and tailored on made to order requests. No matter your style preference or upcoming event -birthdays, weddings, team spirit - With over a thousand designs to choose from, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Redefine with Eyepster J

So let's get to my review! I had a very professional and smooth experience working with Eyepster on my review. My products arrived quickly and safely in this condition below:

Eyepster let me choose 2 sunglasses to review so I went ahead and picked out some artsy prints that matched my personality. All shades are $12.99 with free shipping in the U.S.

I chose this LOZ White Wayfarer Pair ($12.99) and this Galaxy White Aviator Pair ($12.99).

So here's the description for all the shades at Eyepster:

I'll just go down this list to note some details about Eyepster's eyewear.

1. The pinhole effect is accomplished by the image sitting on top of the eyepieces much like high quality stickers. So if you wear them, you will see through a bunch of holes for the pinhole effect. These would be great for party favors and photo booths since they are so colorful and unique. I personally wouldn't want to wear them driving but you can if you want. You can still see everything through them so I would base this decision on your vision sensitivity. But I agree it's minor impact on visibility. 

2/3. I think it's really neat that it has UV protection and that it's waterproof. You don't have to worry about it getting wrecked at a pool party or something along those lines. These shades were both sturdy and fit well-- no slips or lack of grip. I haven't dropped them or scratched them yet but from what I can see, the shades are a nice quality for $12.99. They feel smooth and have some weight to them like higher priced shades-- not just cheap plastic.

4. I agree that these are all unisex shades and based solely on your design preference.

5. I did not receive a pouch for my shades so I can't tell you anything about that part!

I personally like the fit of the wayfarer a little more on my face but I got a pair of aviators just to see the sizing. Which one do you like better on me? They're both pretty rad aren't they? I'd love to wear these to the beach or to the pool for a fun pop of color. I also like that they cover my eyes as well so that that the design is clear. :)

Here I am being silly with the shades. The top right photo makes me laugh because it wasn't initially going to be a part of this review but it turned out so perfectly with the excessive grinning. :D

I've seen photos of how brides and grooms incorporate Eyepster's wedding shades into their wedding photos and it's super cute. You can even get the sides personalized!


Photo: Customize your shades to the MAX with our new option to print on the arms. Place your name, a date or a sweet saying. Skies the limit when it comes to #Eyepster. Send your requests to Hello@Eyepster.com #Custom #WeddingIdeas #Personalize #Perfectday #PinIt

As you can see, in light, the images on the shades are just as crisp and colorful.
You can really see the pinhole effect on the picture to the left. That's the kind of vision you'd be seeing through and my best description of it is like looking through a wider window gauze frame. You can see everything just fine but it's just through that "holey" and dim effect. It's pretty cool!

On top of that, Eyepster carries a huge variety of designs and colors! 
Cartoons, nightlife, wedding.. it's all at Eyepster.
Photo: Its always a Party in the USA with Eyepster! Get your #flag at Eyepster.com #PartyShades #USAFlag #Patriotism #USA #America
Photo: Garfield shades by Eyepster are the Cat's Meow! #Garfield #Funnycat #GarfieldandFriends #Eyepster

Alrighty! I hope you guys enjoyed my review. I'm looking forward to wearing my new funky shades! It's now time for the giveaway! Woohoo.

5 lucky winners will win their choice of a pair of Eyepster sunglasses.
This giveaway is international so you can all enter! Just read and enter correctly to avoid your entry being disqualified. :) Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
(Direct link to Rafflecopter giveaway here!)

Eyepster is also cross promoting trinkets as well so yay!


  1. http://www.eyepster.com/color-fool/light-swoosh-white-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  2. I like the SASSY CAT Black Wayfarer Sunglasses: http://www.eyepster.com/featured/sassy-cat-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. So many great designs it's hard to choose but I do really like these: COLOR SMOKE Black Wayfarer Sunglasses http://www.eyepster.com/color-fool/color-smoke-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  4. Hi! These are too cool! My favorite is their Pink Camouflage design. So much fun - Thanks!!

  5. All of the designs are great! My favorite is this: http://www.eyepster.com/hype/no-signal-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html Thanks for chance!
    email: yanyiewen2@yahoo.com

  6. http://www.eyepster.com/wedding/bride-lavender-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  7. Like those ones http://www.eyepster.com/featured/blanka-green-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  8. I like the Color Smoke Black Aviators/Wayfarers and the Geisha Black Wayfarers best.

  9. My son loves all of the Garfield glasses and the green zombies!

  10. I really love http://www.eyepster.com/featured/manga-pink-wayfarer-sunglasses.html
    email: labrasile@libero.it
    fingers crossed

  11. I love the http://www.eyepster.com/featured/sassy-cat-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  12. Love the Nightlife styles http://www.eyepster.com/nightlife/equalizer-party-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  13. http://www.eyepster.com/garfield-happy-birthday-pink-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  14. I love SINISTER Black Wayfarer Sunglasses :)

  15. I like the galaxy ones!

  16. http://www.eyepster.com/wedding/bride-silver-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

  17. I like the Bride purple wayfarer glasses.

  18. http://www.eyepster.com/no-signal-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

    FB: Ale Ra

  19. my fave is


  21. LOVE this idea! one of my favourite designs is the abstract white wayfarer sunglasses!

  22. My favorite pair is the Think Pink Eyepster Wayferar

  23. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I really like this one http://www.eyepster.com/featured/sassy-cat-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  24. I like the Rainbow Stripes, they are all so cute

  25. http://www.eyepster.com/wild-life/zebra-white-wayfarer-sunglasses.html (ZEBRA White Wayfarer Sunglasses) they're so perfect for my friend to give her for birthday (if I won)

    Anyway, thanks for great giveaway.. so awesome <3

  26. I love http://www.eyepster.com/panda-party-wayfarer-sunglasses.html
    Rafflecopter: gemma

  27. I love http://www.eyepster.com/mustache-black-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  28. I like so many but I think the Northern Lights are my favorite.

  29. I heard they make you exercise your eyes more. Making your eyesight better?

  30. I looooved http://www.eyepster.com/artsy/loz-white-wayfarer-sunglasses.html

  31. Think Pink Eyepster Wayferar

  32. My favorite COLOR SMOKE Black Aviator Sunglasses by Eyepster. They are truly one of a kind.

  33. Wow, these are just wonderful. I also want to buy similar for the rocking party I am going to attend at event halls in Philadelphia. My friends will be coming there too and I really want to look good.


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