Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hey guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving this year. I realize that the holiday shopping chaos has really just begun but I hope you all had some quality time with some loved ones. 

Growing up, thanksgiving and the holidays were never really a joyous time for me because my parents always worked and we didn't get to travel or really do anything out of the ordinary. It was always dull as a teenager being at home with no decorations, festive food, or traveling plans. 
Over the years, I realized I developed somewhat of a resentment with the holidays because I didn't really know what to expect from them. In fact, over time, I expected less and less from them. I couldn't finance or plan anything and no one seemed to care so it just became a habit to go with the flow the morning of a holiday. Would it be a bland family lunch or will we be all busy in our rooms spending our one day off on our own in front of a computer? It sounds sad but with school and work schedules for everyone, it was common to not be able to plan something or do much outside of just eating a meal together. 

It hit me this year that I shouldn't keep letting old habits get in the way of forming new holiday traditions or at least a family gathering. So this year, I actually did get to eat with my family. I went ahead and took that initiative to ask my parents the night before thanksgiving on their plans and we agreed to have lunch. We grabbed an inexpensive meal out and it was simple, pleasant, and satisfying.

I hope that nobody raises their expectations of what the perfect holiday gathering is supposed to look like and miss out on the simple pleasure of just being with family. It's not about what money can buy or set up for your family time together, but really just making the effort to come together and be grateful for one another. Don't get discouraged by the differences you see on tv with the "perfect" family unit sitting together in a perfectly decorated house with what looks like catered food. It's not about any of that-- it's just about the people and your perspective towards it. 

I hope you guys had time to reflect and think about what you are grateful for. I wrote cards to my family members saying what I appreciate the most from them right now in my life and just made it a point to show that I care. We all know that being busy "sucks" and you get washed up by the time you are home or have free time. But just make it a point to express your gratitude aloud in small ways everyday. :) 

Let's go beyond being grateful for superficial things like this:

And move onto to celebrating what life had to offer us and the people who are there for you in big or small ways. It all matters. It all counts. It all makes a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let's spread the true meaning behind the holiday spirit throughout the rest of 2014. :) Blessings everyone!

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