Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Idea: Vegan Cuts

Hey everyone!

Recently, I was fortunate to win a cool prize box from a monthly subscription site called Vegan Cuts.
This isn't a sponsored post but I love the concept of their boxes and the natural/vegan side to their products/packaging so I thought I'd share. If you know anyone who would be interested in a box of skincare or vegan snack goodies, this is a great holiday gift idea!

Here's what my box looked like! I received the beauty box but there is also a snack box.

Everything was packaged beautifully and you get a fun sampler of different products from great brands. Some are travel sized and some a larger deluxe sample sizes.

Shout out to this amazing Coffee Bean scrub... I loved it!!

A note came with this package including all the info about the products I received and their value. This was neat and informative for people who decide to look into a specific brand that Vegan Cuts promoted.

I honestly love the feeling and idea of getting monthly goodies in the mail (if only a poor student like me could afford this) so if you are interested, check them out!

Happy Holidays you guys!
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  1. The coffee bean scrub looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this subscription box before, but I bet I would love it. =0)


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