Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finals Stress

Hey guys!

I am wrapping up my final exams so for everyone enduring them with me, here's a great take away message. Take care of yourself, pace, and be confident in what you know!!
My personal test anxiety tips:

1. Avoid comparing and talking to others about exam grades or questions before the exam. Stay in the hall, in your car, or out somewhere until it's a few minutes before test time. Then go into class and just take the test. It helps me avoid stressful stimuli.

2. Don't listen to other students who already took the test. What they think is hard isn't necessarily hard for you. Don't worry about that and focus on just studying and getting a good night's rest before test day.

3. Believe that you know more than you think. It's always hard to gauge how much knowledge you have over something with testing jitters but I always know more than I think! Believe that!!

4. Don't just read notes or your textbook but actually quiz yourself via flashcards or with someone's help. That's the best way to actually see what you have memorized versus what you can only recall on a multiple choice.

5. Take breaks! Nothing can be accomplished without fuel so eat well, sleep well, and stretch! If you had a long day of studying, do something for yourself like a short hangout with friends or an episode of your favorite tv show. You deserve it! 

I will be back shortly with plenty of new reviews and giveaways for you all. <3

Good Luck!

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