Monday, December 22, 2014

Gedengni Winter Fashion Review

Hey cutie pies!

I had a special package arrive today from Gedengni

Gedengni is a clothing store located in Asia with unique women's trends from club wear, outer wear, and more. I thought they stood out from other Asian shops because they actually provide photos of their factory space with service descriptions on everything from packaging to shipping. 
I picked two coats for review and here they are!

Cute Slim Size Windbreaker  Women Stand-Up Collar Long-Sleeved Woolen Overcoats

I picked this passionate and vibrant red winter coat because I really wanted something bright in my closet. I chose this red woolen coat ($40.57) with 4 rows of buttons that is light and warm for mildly cold winters. I love the little buttons on the shoulders and the back belt. It adds a special touch to this coat. I was a little disappointed that the pockets are not real just to let you know. I also gave my Christmas tree a little fashion spotlight... it was too cute to leave out with us both being so red.

The only bad thing about shopping with Asian wholesale shops are the small sizes. I am a small/medium in U.S. size so I purchased both of my coats in a size LARGE to accommodate my curves. As you can see, my chest doesn't have too much room so I can only wear t-shirts under this coat, not a sweater or something thick. For the most part, it's safe to say you should go one size larger than you normally are in the U.S. when shopping with Gedengni or other Asian brands. But, make sure to read the measurement table and to compare it with you measurements!

Moving onto my second coat, here is my cute khaki windbreaker ($61.98). Again, I purchased this in a size large but you can tell the chest is tight. I like the double flaps of the cuff as it adds a unique touch to this jacket. It  is very lightweight and silky soft. This would be a great piece to wear during the spring or early fall. This jacket also features real functional pockets.

The lace detail inside the jacket was a surprise as well. Look how pretty it is! I also decided to not use the belt to tie up front because I looked stuffy already with it being small for my chest. I simply tied to the back so that the cinched waist line is still there with the belt but doesn't hang loosely off to my sides.

Black Boots- Sammydress

Both of my coats were well made and delivered within a month. It actually took about 2 weeks to deliver which is great for oversea shipping. I got spare buttons with both coats and they were individually packaged in these oversize zip up bags that are reusable. 

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I hope you guys enjoyed my little winter fashion product review. Be sure to check out Gedengni here. Happy Holidays!


  1. I love both coats!!! The red one is perfect for the holidays too. I had never heard of this company before, but it sounds like their shipping time is fabulous compared to some others.

    Happy Holidays, Dana!


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