Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcoming Baby Liffers

Hi guys!

I have a special post for you all from a baby shower I attended for my dear friend Ali.
I took photos for the event and I'm sharing the cute decor and concept for her baby boy.

Here's my Baby Shower highlight film:
(For the best experience, enlarge to full screen and put the resolution to 1080p)

You can use some satin ribbon, tape, forks, and napkins to make these little bow tie silverware holders! Aren't they so cute?

There were some simple snacks and finger foods surrounding the cake.

These thank you chocolates were super cute and simple. All you need is some frilly ribbon, needle and thread, and little plastic baby accessories. Wrap the chocolate with the ribbon and sew on a pacifier or stork and you are good to go.

Here's a little cake decor that is made out of diapers. Roll up individual diapers with rubber bands and then stack them into sets of 3. Roll up the entire set with some sparkly tulle fabric. Make a smaller layer on top and decorate with matching flowers and birds!

 Here's the adorable simple cookie cake. It was surrounded by some little rubber duckies. :)

I really love this idea called a wishing tree. You make little tags with ribbon to hang on a tree for what you wish for the baby. The tree branches are real and from the backyard. They were placed in a jar with marbles to hold it in place. They make a great keepsake for the parents and the future child.

I hope you guys enjoyed my cute post. Congrats to the Liffers. I hope you love my photography.
I can't wait to meet the baby. :D <3

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  1. aw....so cute :) It looks like a beautiful baby shower :)


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