Thursday, January 1, 2015

Your 2014 in review list

Happy New Years guys! I encourage you all to reflect and work towards something bigger and brighter every day. No need for New Years resolutions. You can start changing aspects of your life whenever you want. :) It's entirely up to you what will become of your day, week, year, and life.

Your 2014 in review list: (Here's mine)

List 5 great things that happened:
1. I overcame my testing anxiety and learned how to deal with it better.
2. I completed my year of intense Anatomy prerequisites with great grades.
3. My blog offered me a lot of awesome opportunities and hit over 1k followers!
4. I discovered the power of bath time and my chest pains are pretty much gone.
5. I tried out a lot of new things like a cabin trip with friends, whitewater rafting, trampoline gym, etc.

List 5 great people in your life:
1. Boyfriend
2. Bestfriend
3. Mom 
4. Dad
5. Sister

List 3 not-so-great things that happened:
1. I had an overwhelmingly stressful summer and it affected my health.
2. A stressful relationship with someone close to me for a long period that couldn't be avoided. 
3. Parental pressures on success due to not fully comprehending my academic path. 

List 3 things you learned:
1. Friendships are relationships and need to be catered to regularly to be maintained.
2. Sometimes. you meet old friends later on in your life and become friends again. 
3. Finding a balance between pleasing yourself and your loved ones is really hard. 

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  1. I'm SO with you on the No Need for New Year Resolutions. Change happens when you want it to. =0)
    This is a great list, Dana. I really like this list of yours. It's real, honest and shares truths that we can all learn from in our own lives.

    Happy New Year!


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