Thursday, February 12, 2015

13 Easy Valentine DIY Ideas

Hey guys!

I put together an adorable list of DIYs from the internet for you guys to get inspired!!
Don't credit me for any of these-- they are not my original ideas but they sure are good ones~

Get some paint swatches and punch some hearts into it to make cute bookmarks.

Fill up some bottles with your significant other's favorite candy-- great gift for the gents!

Fake bugs in a jar to make the perfect love bug.

Grab some assorted candy and paper bags, trim the top, add some stickers, and voila.

Keep it simple and give some kisses

Perfect Bee mine for the chapstick lover.

Grab some birthday candles and make this DIY card.

Make some heart button art.

Make breakfast special.

What a great way to start the day.

Be a smartie and give out smarties to smarties. :)

Lollipop butterflies.. what could go wrong?

A jar full of love.

Enjoy <3


All thoughtful comments are appreciated. :) Thanks for being here!

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