Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taking a vacation from yourself

Dear hardworking folk,

I recently went on a last minute family vacation and let me tell you, it was great. 

I have never really been on a family vacation before and while growing up, I never got to see my parents take a break from work either.

And then this trip opportunity to the Bahamas came along and I planned it, booked it, and ran with it.

It was beautiful and surreal. I never knew how much water could surrounds you or how turquoise a beach could be. I never knew that you could have days where you don't dream every night about subconscious stressors in your life. I never knew my family could look so happy just by going on vacation.

The U.S. apparently ranked the lowest for people who go on vacation. That makes me sad.

This is how I read on my trip. A book, blue skies, blue waters... and guess what? No internet. None. Nada. Wifi-free zone. You think you won't survive but you will and it will be the best kind of disconnect you will feel in a long time. 

There really is something special about treating yourself to a real break and only having to think about what fun things you will do next. Waking up, it was what will I eat and what will I get to explore. If you get an opportunity to give yourself a break from everything, including your own frustrations and inhibitions, do it. It's worth the time and money to treat yourself to something good. Then, you can come back refreshed and ready to offer the world something good because that is exactly how you will feel.


  1. I was very fortunate to have grown up in a family that strongly believed in a yearly getaway. I had no idea that the US ranked lowest for people who go on vacation! You're right. That IS sad!!!
    I am SO very glad that you and your family got to have this experience. And to the Bahamas, no less. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. It looks like a dream vacation, really.

    Now that I have my own family, and life gets in the way, we don't take big vacations. But - we do take small trips here and there. And it's just the getaway that matters most. That and the chance to create new memories.

    1. Yes! It's quite liberating just going away even if it's just to a nearby town or unexplored area. :) I'm glad your family gets to go on small trips here and there even with the chaos of being a mom and raising children!


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