Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stella Soomlais Product Review

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Today's post will be introducing Stella Soomlais and her amazing leather work designs.

"I am Stella, a leather accessories designer. 

I love simplicity, geometry and leather. These three fuel the minimalism and functionality of my designs. Full grain leather is the material of choice for me. 

I have great respect for the materials that I use. Therefore I bring timelessness and emotional charge into my designs. I lay great emphasis on the practicality and user-friendliness, yet have an eye for small details which tell a story of their own. 

And bring a smile to the clients face."

I received 2 lovely Stella Soomlais bracelets for a product review. Let me share all the fun details about these products!
I worked with Stella's assistant on choosing my bracelets and the experience was very pleasant. They told me once they shipped out my package and it took 1 month to safely arrive all the way from Estonia. It as worth the wait because once my manila envelope came, I knew exactly what to expect from Stella's products. Here are the bracelets that I received with a simple post card featuring Stella Soomlais bags.
I picked this brown wristband and this khaki braided wristband.

This brown wristband was $16.71 and comes in various sizes. I got a nice loose fitting one that is truly the epitome of minimalistic and chic. I get whiffs of the scent of leather throughout my day and I love it. The simple but shiny button on this bracelet is simply stunning while keeping my wrist casual throughout my daily schedule. It's light, sturdy, and never irritating. This dark brown is bold and beautiful as well. Here it is on my wrist during a brunch date. :)

Moving onto my next lovely pick, here is the khaki bracelet for $23.40. They come in all different colors and sizes but something about this khaki shade was soft and sweet.

I loved that the inside of this bracelet was white because the contrast along the edges is so lovely. The brass button complimented the khaki color so well. I love that Stella Soomlais' wristbands range from $13-24 and come in a variety of colors and lengths.

If you want, you can even reverse the bracelet and wear it on the white side.
You can unscrew the screw button on colored wristbands which means you can remove the button, turn your bracelet, and move it to the opposite side. Just make sure to tightly screw it back on and voila! You have 2 bracelets in one!

They are diverse yet simple products that are SO well made. I can easily see these bracelets as casual but edgy accessories to anyone's wardrobe.You can wear them with jeans or spice it up on a day or night out. They are gorgeous! Here's what this bracelet looked like on my sister.

My sister's review of this wrap bracelet was that it is very comfortable even though she didn't think it would be since it's leather. She also liked the length options since it's slightly loose on her, which makes it easy to wear without irritating your skin.

Here are some lovely products from Stella Soomlais' collection:
Geometrical Wristband
Braided Leather Wristband
Studded leather wristband

[Look at all the pretty colors!]
Stella Soomlais' work is minimalistic, versatile, and colorful. I would recommend her products to anyone looking for simple yet bold jewelry that will not irritate your skin or break the piggy bank. Stella Soomlais' simplistic and geometric leather designs continue to grow as she designs earrings, wallets, and even handbags. Be sure to check out her work here and leave some love in the comments box. 

Thanks Stella Soomlais for allowing me to share your work and review it as well!

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  1. I really like the braided leather bracelets and how you can reverse them for another look. All of the bracelets look great. I love geometric jewelry and simple styles.
    I'd love to see what the other products from this shop look like too. Thanks for the great review!


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