Thursday, May 14, 2015

All About Watermarbling Nails

Hey guys!

If you know anything about nail art, I'm sure you have seen tons of videos and pictures of beautiful watermarbling on nails. I tried it out when the craze first started and realized it was just too much work for nail art. But recently I tried it out with my sister and found that it is really a 2 person job. 

Here was my first attempt at it.

I thought it turned out pretty good for the first time but there were some small mess ups and bubbles here and there. I decided to put Glitter Lamb's "It's Snowing Cotton Candy" glitter topper on top to give it a more galaxy-like effect. I like both looks differently. How about you?

So the second time my sister decided to do her nails, I decided to help and film the process. Hope this overview is a better explanation to how water marbling works. I always wanted tips and tricks on how to do it efficiently but most of the videos I find are speed through instead. videos instead.

Here it is:

Definitely try it out for fun if you haven't already. I'll be filming another easier water marbling tutorial soon. :) 

A few key things that I noticed:

1. If your nail polish drops into a ball to the bottom of your jar, you're holding the polish too far from the jar. Hover right above the surface of the water and you won't have to measure the distance!

2. Bend your nail to fall flat into the water as evenly as possible. The more parallel your nail is to the water, the better it seems to attach to your nail.

3. Do not stop in the middle of marbling to do something. By the time you come back (even for a few minutes), the polish will dry on the surface of your water. Finish the nail and then take a break if you must.

4. No specific brand works better to me, just make sure the polish is fairly drippy and not thick.

5. Taping saves so much time. Get some dollar store tape so it won't be too wasteful.

6. Stick to all metallics or creams. Don't mix and match layers.

Hope you guys enjoy this one and have a great weekend.

I'll be enrolling for my classes tomorrow so the hardest part will be over very soon. Yay!


  1. Your nails turned our GREAT Dana!!!!!! I love your watermarble!!!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Your glitter polishes make it way more fun. :)

  2. I saw your intstagram post on the watermarble nails. I want to try this sometime soon, so thanks for all the tips! Your nails turned out great. =0)


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