Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Coco Melody Bridesmaid Dresses

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Today is a sweet sponsored post with Coco Melody-- an online clothing boutique for all bridal needs.
Coco Melody offers everything from affordable wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses for under $100. Today I will be sharing a new product of theirs that I think will be so versatile and awesome for current wedding planners. 

This is so neat that this one dress can change into 10 different looks.

I'm going to be a bridesmaid for a late summer wedding this year and I really wished more stores offered more of a variety of looks. The bride told us we could choose any look in the same color and fabric but there weren't that many options to begin with. Coco Melody's convertible dress is great for allowing bridesmaids' personalities and preferences to shine through for the wedding date. I personally love the third and last look in the picture above. If you click this link here: http://www.cocomelody.com/infinite-a-line-chiffon-mutiple-styles-convertible-bridal-party-bridesmaid-dress, you can even watch the model turn to see the back of each dress.

You can also find this convertible look with Coco Melody's short infinite convertible bridesmaid
as well starting at $69.

I love the first one in the top row and the fourth one in the second row. How about you?

Although Coco Melody offers wedding accessories and even prom wear, this post will focus on bridesmaid dresses. You can customize the color, size, and delivery period for all their products!

Here is my favorite pick from Coco Melody's collection: long bridesmaid dresses 2015

Glamour A-Line Sweetheart Natural Floor Length Chiffon Silver Sleeveless Zipper Bridesmide Dress with Draped COZF14097
Glamour A-line Sweetheart Dress $109.33

And here is a dress I like from Coco Melody's short dress collection. 
Gorgeous A Line One Shoulder Short Mini Red Chiffon Party Dress COZM14018
A-line One shoulder Dress $89
I hope you guys enjoyed this shop feature. Thanks to Coco Melody for sponsoring this post. Make sure to check out their lovely shop and share it with anyone you know whose getting married! 

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. :)


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