Sunday, June 28, 2015

My week in Pictures: Parachutes

Hey everyone!

I am now half way through my Kineseology class with my midterm behind me as of today.
To celebrate, a group of friends and I went to a near by beach. It's so weird to have beaches readily accessible here in L.A. It's not a vacation for people here but a day trip. How surreal!

I never really liked tanning at the beach because Florida and even Jersey beaches are really hot. I usually get grumpy and overheated within an hour and want to leave to find food or air conditioning. But the weather is so warm and breezy here that I could actually see myself hanging out all day.

Swimsuit by Beverly Swimwear
People seem to hate the traffic here but I guess I'm so used to Atlanta traffic that it doesn't bother me. Look how pretty downtown L.A. looks with the buildings and mountains!

I really enjoy walking home from the shuttle bus too because of all the palm trees and great weather.

We were learning about the rotator cuff and body movements so we also did a lot of fun things this week from hitting pinatas to playing with parachutes. 

I also started my crafting analysis class (where I get to just create things all day) and decided to film some progress here and there. I will be sharing all that very soon! I'm so glad my program offers a class like this because it's so much fun! Hope you guys enjoy my post and have a great weekend!


All thoughtful comments are appreciated. :) Thanks for being here!

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