Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Grad School Adventures with Jambu

Hey guys!

Every day, I walk around L.A. and campus from class to class and bus stop to apartment. With a full backpack, my legs get pretty tired throughout the day. Luckily, I had the awesome opportunity to work with the show company Jambu

Before I get started, I have a lot of amazing things to share about Jambu's mission. 
Jambu is a very eco-friendly company, designing comfortable and high quality shoes out of partially recyclable and reusable compressed rubber without diminishing the integrity of their shoes. Jambu's shoes are vegan, waterproof, and durable contoured in a memory foam footbed. 

They also have a partnership with American Forests and planted 50,000 trees in 2014. 

They have shoes for men, women, and kids so you'll find a little bit of everything in their shop.

I had the opportunity to choose a pair of shoes from Jambu's fall collection to review.

I reviewed their Rosetta shoe in size 8 in the color charcoal.

 I love that Jambu's site is user friendly with various photos of every shoe from every angle. Plus, their shoes have these amazing videos where a model holds the shoe in their hands and walks around in them as well. It's always nice to see what a pair of shoes look like on a real person over just photos of the shoe itself. It was very useful when I was picking what shoe would be the best fit for me. 

Here it is:


Here is what the box looked like. My package arrived in a cardboard box with the shoe box inside like this. The packaging is made out of recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging. Each shoe was wrapped in it's own little bag as well. 

These casual but cute flat-like shoes are perfect for stylish women on the go. I'm usually a 7.5 but I went a size up and got the 8. The velcro straps make the shoes easy to put on and take off as well. I could really see the amount of work and attention to detail Jambu puts into designing each and every one of their shoes. They have such a variety of shoes yet you can tell they were cohesively designed by the same stuff, focusing on chic and comfortable shoes. The flowers on my flats added a youthful and feminine touch to a sporty but dressy pair of flats that I can easily were with casually or even with my summer dresses!

Here's a look down at my feet as I was waiting for the shuttle bus. The charcoal was a great color pick because it simply matched everything that I owned! The first week was a little rough with breaking in the shoes but after my feet molded to the shape of the shoe, I felt comfort all around every time I took a step.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review. Thanks Jambu for working with Cheers to Novelty and giving a grad school student a nice pair of on-the-go shoes. I can't wait to go on more adventures with my new shoes from Jambu. :) I've already received many compliments! Yay!

I'll be sure to add more photos to this post once I get more around campus but for now, this is my review!

Take care everyone!

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  1. nice shoes, it very suitable for people standing all day


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