Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello September!

Hey guys!

Last week was my first week back into my first full semester of grad school. Since everything was starting up, there were a lot of opportunities to get a lot of well... food. My phone was full of food pictures but I had to share the fun! 

My school had this awesome In-n-Out Burger day for grad students where we all got free burgers. Imagine how long that line was! And guess where I was? In the front.

I also checked out this adorable bakery before eating in downtown L.A.

The peanut butter cupcake to the top left was my favorite!

We ate at a sushi restaurant called Octopus in L.A. They had some really yummy combo dishes for $12 which was the same price as this roll I got above. :)

This is a leaf I found on my walk home and probably the only trace of fall I will ever find in L.A.

I made this really simple and cute washi tape wall art for my empty bedroom wall. I see everyone that I love everyday on it at the beginning and end of my day. 

I will never get over how gorgeous some of these trees are...

Last but not least, Thai food at the Trio House in L.A.! I can't not try their pad thai. 
Who else loves peanut butter? I do!!

As you can clearly see, I had a really fun week with eating out on the weekend and adjusting to my new fall schedule. It's always frustrating to adjust to a new schedule because things don't feel stable for a while. Then soon enough, everything feels like it's always been that way-- stable. Humans are so interesting in the way we adapt to our internal and external environments. But it's also interesting to reflect on how much I struggle with wanting a constant and routine schedule. Going from having 2 weeks off to yearning for a routine has been a frustration of mine all week. Being busy is good for me-- it keeps things off my mind and it keeps me moving. What do you guys think? Agree or disagree? Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading. Leave some comment love!

Have a great start to September!!

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