Friday, September 25, 2015

Pitchoun Bakery Foodie Time

Hey guys!

I recently ate out a lot. 
I have so many pictures of food to account for and I have no idea how it happened. I decided to get on Yelp and experience as much of the LA food and culture as possible. I find it interesting how much food culture exists in LA. Food trends I have never seen or heard of surface here. I recently checked out a lovely bakery called Pitchoun Cafe and Bakery. I loved it!!

See for yourself!

Goodness. They had everything from a breakfast and lunch menu to pizza and crepes. It was great! I got a simple jam pastry but my friend tried out their crepes. My other friend tried out one of their sandwiches. A lot of their menu has french names and ingredients as well so definitely ask questions if you ever to to visit this place in downtown LA. It was nice having a fun day. :) I hope there will be more. Have a great weekend guys! I'll be studying up a storm but still trying to enjoy my minimal down times in between it all. Just remember that you are blessed and you can choose to be happy.

Until next time...

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