Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Last Bookstore

Hi everyone!
This post was set on draft mode for several weeks now. I was waiting to upload my video for it and forgot to make it live. Oops. Sorry for the delay.


Gah. The semester really picked up and I'm working on a lot of different projects and assignments right now. I hope you have all been well. :) It's still hot here in LA but we get glimpses of fall weather randomly lately. I'm looking forward to a consistent breezy fall though.

I had a really busy and fun weekend that I wanted to share!

I checked out downtown LA with friends and found this book store called the Last Book Store very memorable. It's fun for people who may not be big readers as well. There are art galleries and shops around this huge bookstore that used to be a bank.

I also finally checked out a Sprinkles.

This is their Triple Cinnamon. It's not very sweet so I enjoyed it!

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  1. I love reading books :) This bookstore is really very artistically made....sounds fun!


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