Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pizza for Two

Time and time again, I am confused by what to share on this blog.

It's interesting because when I reflect on my posts on this blog, it really maps out what I was going through during what period of my life. I remember starting this blog for fun-- as a way to get connected with other bloggers and the Etsy community at the time. Etsy was so new and small that not many bloggers existed and most of us had very handmade banners on our websites.

Overtime, I started sharing more about me and eventually shared a lot more business related content. At one point, my blog was all about the collaborations and Etsy features. It was super fun and I made a great group of online friends through it. But here I am, seeing it shift gears again.

It's been such a strange year. With my grandma getting sick and being in the toughest semester of my program. everything feels like a blur. It's going fast-- which is nice in a way-- but also intimidating because I'm not sure where my time is going. Am I making the best of it academically? Am I doing everything I should be? I believe so. But things are going so fast that I barely have time to reflect on what's been going on. A part of me loves this feeling-- a swift rush of succession... the semester coming to a close faster. But another part of me is scared that I am not ready for what's to come... in school and in my personal life.

I also realized that after 2-3 weeks of really mentally grieving, reflecting, and ruminating... I am much more comfortable talking about my grandma. Sure, it's not easy but it's better than bursting out in tears every few hours like I did before. I can't look you in the eye when I talk about it but I can talk about it. I'd say that's progress.

I also concluded my school week catching up with a friend... just sharing a cup of tea and a gourmet pizza while talking about what's really been going on with us this semester. It was refreshing and delicious... comforting to know that I can talk about everything and happy to know someone else sees me as someone worthy to put trust in. Of course, I have pictures to share.

Matcha Tiramisu

Morrocan Mint Latte

This beautiful caffeinated concoction my friend got!

The eggplant and mushroom pizza we happily shared.

Pictures are such a wonderful thing--capturing something exactly as it is yet looking back at them and remembering all the details behind the superficial image shown. These pictures are just of food to others. But to me, I'm going to remember talking about loss, hardship, friendship, inclusion, grad school, and just being here in this moment.

I hope you guys all have a wonderful long weekend for those of you off on Monday. Do something for yourself even if you have a busy weekend. I am currently learning how to play to ukulele. I should probably say I am getting familiar playing... and not learning but it is what it is at this rate.
I will be mostly reading and catching up on reorganizing my academic life, which will hopefully soothe personal life. Take care everyone.

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