Saturday, March 12, 2016

Harry Potter Land

Hey everyone!

I feel so bad about not updating this enough...
I know it will be different next semester because my workload will be better... so I'm hoping to get back to my art and more frequent everything really.

My friend took me to the new Harry Potter Land At Universal Studios this past week so I wanted to share the fun!

They created a Hogsmeade town with rooftops covered in snow with everything any HP fan would recognize from a certain wand store to a candy shop. It was very cool!

The best part was the virtual rollercoaster we waited 50 minutes to get on... Throughout the wait, you are walking through Hogwarts, passing Dumbledore's office, talking paintings... everything you'd expect in Hogwarts really.

I had a lot of fun and it's do-able in 2 hours. I'm glad I got to go and experience this. I've never been to Universal Studios so it was a lot of fun. :)

OH! I can't forget about butter beer. It tastes like a cream soda with foam on top-- very sweet. It was good but I definitely couldn't finish it. Haha. Oh well. Still worth trying!

Happy to share the fun.  Kept the photos of inside the castle very minimal just in case it ruins it for anyone. :D

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  1. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! can't wait to taste butter beer!


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