Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring LA Adventures

Hi guys!

Oh my. School has been so so so busy. It's definitely been the roughest semester in terms of personal problems and a full load of busy work. But I did get to squeeze in some fun in the past two weekends. I thought I'd share some cool photos!

I hiked the Hollywood sign trail today. It was around 3 miles-- fairly hill-y but definitely a great workout for beginner hikers. :)

It was funny because once you hike it... you end up behind the actual sign... so this is the view.

Isn't that kind of funny? The best view of the sign was actually within 5 minutes of entering the trail so technically... you can go in, snap a picture, and leave. Haha! But then that wouldn't be much of a workout. :)

My favorite part of the hike was actually walking through all the cool houses and plants on the street that leads into the trail itself. You see so much succulents, flowers, and lavender plants.

I also checked out the Getty Museum a weeks ago and it was SO beautiful. The museum is free with a wonderful view, garden, and plenty of sitting space to just go on a picnic. The art inside is also unique and quite eclectic.

Much of the artwork was no photography so I don't have any pictures from inside but expect a standard art museum. Good stuff!

I also checked out Long Beach aquarium but I haven't uploaded photos from it yet...so I will share that experience next time.

I feel like I have seen many many views of LA now through hiking and other experiences like the Getty but it never gets old. A long endless horizon and fresh air is so refreshing. I hope you guys enjoy my little travels and seek your own. Make time for you. You deserve it.

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  1. I'm drooling over the blue sky! Long time since we saw one in Ireland!


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