Monday, April 25, 2016

Born Pretty Store: Watch Review

NOTE: This watch broke within 2 weeks of weekday wear. I discussed that the straps were attached with very little support. That is exactly where it broke. I have purchased jewelry from Born Pretty with no problem. However, I would not recommend this watch. 

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I teamed up with Born Pretty Store for a review so here we are!

Born Pretty Store sells all sorts of inexpensive fashion jewelry, nail art supplies, and even clothing accessories. The best part is that they offer worldwide free shipping which makes shopping with them easy and a little brighter. I had the opportunity to choose some goodies to review...

I have been in need of a simple and comfortable watch for a long time. When Born Pretty Store contacted me, this was the perfect opportunity to pick out one of their many watches!

Here is the one I chose:

This faux leather grid watch is $8.99 and comes in white or sky blue. 
The simplicity and easy to read boyfriend style was what lured me to it. 
It arrived in a bubble wrap envelope, in a cute heartsy box like this below.

So I wore this watch around for a week and noticed a few awesome things:
1. The gold frame of the watch against the white band looks really nice and expensive.
2. The watch is very light and sits on my wrist comfortably.
3. It is very easy to read.
4. It catches people's eye and I get many compliments.

Of course, pros have their cons. So here are a few things I wish the watch had:
1. The bands are very thin so I wish they were more durable.
2. the clasp is silver and does notes match the hold frame of the watch
3. White watches get dirty so fast.
4. The band starts to peel off every time you put on or take off the watch from the friction.

With that being said... I like this watch. The price is very reasonable if you like to invest in several cheaper fashion watches. I don't know how long the batteries will last but it's been fine for the last 2 weeks. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks Born Pretty Store for working with me!

I still wear a lot of my dainty earrings from the Born Pretty Store and love them. For fashion jewelry, they don't discolor or irritate my skin in my experience. Definitely check out their extensive jewelry collection!

Here's a 10% coupon code just for you. Remember, shipping is guilt free.
Coupon Code: DANT10

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