Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fairytale Wedding Dresses Featuring OKDress

Hi everyone,

I have a special sponsor post today with OKDress.


Okdress sells some beautiful dresses for special events such as weddings, prom, and other formal events. They have a wide selection of dresses and gowns to fit any occasion. Here are a few choices that I found lovely and magical. :)

Okdress.uk had a really great collection of different kinds of wedding dresses that I decided to share for this post as many of my friends are tying the knot this year! The wedding dresses that I will feature are also very well priced and all under $200.

I went with a effervescent and fairy-tale theme for this post.

This princess dress has such a lovely lace top and simple silhouette. The sheer neckline is very delicate and classy but also quite functional in keeping the dress up as well! If you are looking for nice long evening dresses, there is a huge variety and many categories to choose from such as mermaid dresses. :)

Here is a beaded tulle wedding dress that has these really unique tree like sequins along the bodice and back. The v neck is lovely and elegant while the beaded back gives the dress a little old fashion meets modern take with this tree branch fairytale-like design.  

This sweep train wedding dress looks like its straight out of a story book! The delicate floating lace details along the shoulders caught my eye immediately while it trickles down into this princess gown adorned in more lace! It's really pretty! 

I realize I focused on wedding dresses this post but OKDress also has a lot of beautiful formal wear and little black dresses as well. Feel free to browse the links I provided if you are interested or in need of a new outfit for an upcoming event!

Thank you OKDress for sponsoring this lovely post and I hope you all enjoyed it!


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