Friday, March 17, 2017

Japan Day 4: Kyoto, Kinkakuji Shrine Golden Pavillion, and Fushimi Inari Shrine

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry these updates are taking so long to post. I got carried away with school. After exchanging photos with my friend from this trip, I knew I needed to come back to my blog and talk about my adventures but I guess life got the best of me. Now, I have South Korea and Hong Kong to photo journal about on the backburner too!

Here goes! On this day, we ventured to Kyoto. Since Akihabara and Kyoto aren't exactly close, we found a hostel to stay at overnight to fit in all of our adventures. It was great but also the coldest day by far on our trip. In fast, we had literally like 30 seconds of snow.

We started off in Kyotor to check on the Kinkakuji Shrine or Golden Pavillion. There were a lot of cute shops along the streets during our walk there. Look at these adorable kimono ladies!

I definitely bought a lot of souvenirs here!

(the beautiful ticket to get inside)

Here is Stitch and the shrine. I realize the shrine isn't focused because stitch is the star of this photo. My hands were so cold. This is where we got 30 seconds of snow. I definitely bought fingerless gloves for my next trip after realizing the hassle of attempting to take photos on my phone with regular gloves on! Side note, I also found $5 here and bought my parents a good health charm with it.

These little cutie pies are the epitome of cute. I bought my friends very cute and round pandas. :)

I just realized mt finger got in this shot. This was my first and last bento box during the trip. It was so good. The meat melted in my mouth. I was also always excited to see a bit of green on my plate. I realized after traveling multiple Asian countries that they don't eat as many vegetables or salads as Americans do. It was tough!

This is the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Boy, was it stunning. There are shops along the sides and so much food to try too. It made it a lot more touristy walking in actually. We walked a bit of the trail and ate takoyaki on the way out!

It was very orange and symmetrical. The repetition in my opinion is what makes it beautiful to the human eye. It was very crowded. Every time we were at a bend with less people, we tried to get in some cute pictures. I also realized that I did not know what these pillars were about or what it meant. I described it to others as a beautiful scene from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. So... I just looked it up. 

The pillars are called "torii" and were donated by different Japanese businesses. The torii lead to the Inari Shrine. "Inari" refers to the god of rice so it makes sense that manufacturers and businesses were patrons to the shrine. If you want the full Wiki breakdown... you're welcome.

We thought our day would end there until our hostel owner told us about some festive holiday related events going on around the area. We walked SO much that day. I has to massage my legs out that evening between the fierce walking and cold. 

Here is a Kimono festival we found along with a Bamboo lit garden (more like trail) and lantern decoration. We walked across a bridge to get to the lanterns. We were freezing by then.

Yep. That was our longest day for sure. Slept very well that night. It's rare I hit the pillow and knock out but that night, I did. 

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