Friday, March 31, 2017

Japan Day 6: Tokyo Sky Tree and Ueno

Hi beautiful people.

This trip is finally coming to a close on this blog. This was our last full day in Japan. We spent it in Ueno and I probably saw the most Christmas trees during this day. Japan decorates quite festively for the Christmas season. It was lovely and quite spirited.

Ueno station had this adorable panda tree. I would love to have a mini one. You can stick pandas anywhere and end up with something extra cute. 

A funny experience we kept running into was looking for satiating foods at the right time and place. We would always find things like curry or udon when we weren't feeling it, but then when we would seek it, those restaurants would be nowhere to be found. It was a bummer walking around aimlessly looking for something specific to always find it later on during the trip. Oh well. This katsu curry was good.

Japanese packaging is so aesthetic and cute. I mean come on. Sugar candy shaped into colorful flower/stars, packaged into trees? Goodness.

Tokyo Sky Tree was a funny adventure. We didn't look up the price to enter in advance. We were taken aback that it cost around $35 for each person to go up. We decided to save out money and explored the mall and theme park area around it. It was still lots of fun. I even found a delicious matcha green tea with sesame cone ice cream shop. Oh, and don't forget their Pokemon store. This was such a huge part of my childhood. Glad it's still alive and doing so well.

There was also a pretty awesome Totoro shop in the mall. :)

We also checked out the Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel in Shinjuku. We didn't ride it but we walked across the bridge during the sunnier part of the day. 

 We ended the day with a relaxing trip to an onsen/sauna to relax our tense muscles. This Thermaeyu place was great and it felt really fancy too. We pampered ourselves and went our merry way home.

I had to include to cold soba dish. It was my absolute favorite meal from this trip. I still occasionally think of it when I see or hear soba noodles. It was so good. I want it again!!


  1. I wish i was there, so i can buy all that pokemon stuff <3

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