Friday, April 14, 2017

South Korea Days: 7-12

Hey everyone!

Here is part 2 of my South Korea travel blog. Enjoy.

We checked out the Trick Eye Museum at Hongdae and eat a delicious meal there too. The Trick Eye museum was so such a fun and interactive museum. It's a whole bunch of  2D art that looks 3D in photos that are set up for you and your friends. I didn't want to include pictures of my friends here without their permission so I will refer you to their site here. They have a cool app that you can download that adds effects to your pictures too.

They also had an ice museum that was part of their ticket price of $15. We easily spent 3 hours there. Come prepared to jump around and get on the floor if you decide to go!

This meal... it's beautiful isn't it? It's apparently very popular and well known restaurant in Korea (Hongdae) called Honkaz. But the prices were very affordable and we ordered so many things between 4 people to share. There is the cheese katsu again. Seriously, there was cheese in everything. Everything was pretty good though. 

We also checked out a meerkat cafe. My friend showed me a video and pictures before we went and said there was a random racoon at the location she went to. She was right. Haha! But no one played with a raccoon that was on the loose in the shop. The meerkats are in a closed space with toys, mats, and beds. Small groups go into the area and are allowed to gently interact with them for 10 minutes at a time. The entrance fee was to buy a drink at their cafe. All the drinks were between $9-15 USD. They are super cute and little. They like to dig at your pockets and jump on your shoulders. Pretty neat experience!

Of course, Hongdae had a lot of street food and shops to offer us as well. I got a phone case and socks here. Prepare to shop for cheap and cute souvenirs, accessories, and more! Variations of hotdogs on a stick and waffles with sweet toppings were very popular. This deep fried hotdog was covered in corn with sugar sprinkled on top. It was really good. :)

Here are more pictures of food. Specifically ssambap. We had duck and different types of greens to wrap the duck, rice, and side dishes into what we call "ssam" or wrap. It's healthy and delicious.

The bulk of this post is food. No surprise there. But the street food looks like this and the bakeries always look full like this. So much food  eye candy.

Korea also likes to combine popular dishes that go together into abbreviated slang. Chicken and beer is merged into "Chimek" for chicken and "mekju" for Korean beer. It's pretty delicious! They also mix soju and beer into "somek". You even stick a chopstick into the cup after you pour them in together and hit the side of the chopstick with enough force to make the liquids bubble and mix inside. 

This is the Oeam folk village in Asan. When we looked it up, it showed up as a single hut in the middle of nowhere. We were very confused. Turns out it's an entire village of giwa and straw houses from the Joseon period. It was very pretty to walk through but very empty during this winter season. We read in the brochure that there are fun crafting and cultural events that take place during the summer. The pictures of saw were full of flowers during the warmer season too. Nonetheless, it was still a cool and scenic adventure.

We also explored a huge Kakao Friends shop in Hongdae. So cute! Who knew these characters were so popular in Korea. I didn't because I didn't know how popular their app was! They had a "Ryan Cafe" too upstairs.

We also found the Coffee Prince cafe from the oldie but goodie kdrama. I think the sign by the door clearly says don't take pictures if you aren't a guest but I totally read it after I took the photos and didn't buy a drink. Oops. I can't help that I don't like coffee!

There's part 2 of my Korea adventure. I had a great time connecting to my Korean culture as an adult. It was very different from my experience visiting 6 years ago as a undergraduate student. I have never eaten so many red and spicy foods in such a short duration of time. No regrets. Also, I wish their bakeries and soju were as cheap here in the States as they are there. Oh well! It was fun while it lasted. I won't miss struggling to cross my legs in skinny jeans while eating on the floor but will miss the heated floors. :D

Thanks for reading!


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