Monday, June 19, 2017

Huntington Library Gardens

Hi everyone,

I had the pleasure of exploring Huntington Library with my friend and we had so much fun! It is definitely an all day adventure and it was also very hot, but so beautiful. I just love plants. Plants are so special. The colors and the textures.. the patterns they create are so unreal. Some are so symmetrical and others just look so strange and out of this world. I can spend all day looking at different plants (well I did here actually).

Huntington Library was really cool. They have a wide array of gardens from Chinese, Japanese, and Desert themed ones. They also had many many libraries/museums/exhibits as well. Here are some lovely pictures I took. We spent the most time in the desert; I really adore succulents.

I started to recently think about how many places I have yet to visit locally, whether it's in the city that I live in right now or even the state. Then I thought about how we all talk about wanting to travel abroad, leave your country to explore somewhere else. Yet, there is so much I have yet to explore locally and even nationally in the U.S. I hope to explore as much as I can while I'm here in California for one last summer. :) Whether it's down the street or across an ocean, it's still an adventure. 


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  2. It's really beautiful! I love that there's a lot of cactuses. I love cactus, they are so cute! I have couple of them on my table at myessayslab.com office. Though they aren't the most easiest plants to treat, they are absolutely adorable. And perfect for work office.


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