Tuesday, June 6, 2017

San Gabriel Mountains Hike

Hi everyone,

My friend and I recently ventured on a 10 mile hike, got lost, got burnt, but still had a good time. We sadly took the wrong turn on San Merill trail when we were hoping to go see Inspiration Point (another adventure another time!). I still got some lovely photos and fresh air in!

This was a great a hike even though we went on the wrong trail and didn't make it to our destination. It speaks volumes about how the journey is more important than the finish line in so many ways. It was also a good lesson on packing sunblock and more water for longer hikes in brutal humid heat too. 

It was nice to see all the lovely colors of the wildflowers blooming along the pathway and say hello to some butterflies along the way. Next month, we plan on returning and hopefully making our way up successfully. On a happy note, we had some amazing sandwiches after the long hike. This sign was happily standing outside the cafe's shop. Thought it was worth sharing. :)

Until next time.

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