Thursday, August 24, 2017

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

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I got to check out Antelope Canyon followed by Horseshoe Bend recently. They are located about 20 minutes away from each other so it's easy to fit into one day.

Antelope Canyon has been on my imaginary bucket list for quite some time now. I had no idea that you needed to reserve a tour to check it prior to going so if you are interested in it, look into tours. I believe there are a few options and they are all located near each other in one lone parking lot. Tour guides take everyone down in groups like an assembly line through the canyon.

Things to note:
1. There are upper and lower canyon tours that you can choose from. There are different times of the day that are more ideal according to many sources for brighter pictures and sun beams if you are interested in this. The upper canyon during certain hours allows you to see these sun beams but it is more stair climbing from that I read.

2. We chose the lower canyon tour in the afternoon due to availability. Each person was around $30. We simply paid online. It was a one hour tour/walk through the canyon but the process took longer because the wait time. We got there an hour early and registration even for online registration had a 20 minute line, followed by another 30 minute line in the dessert leading into the canyon. Our tour was also an hour delayed.

4. Our tour guide adjusted everyone's camera settings to daylight and a higher ISO. Hopefully your tour guide can provide you tips as well. Also, there are certain parts of the canyon that have names and resemble different things. Our tour guide pointed these out to us and also took pictures of certain things for us along the way.

5. Because of the nature of the busy tour, it will feel like you are getting walked through the canyon quickly. It was a very unstructured tour and our guide, as nice as she was, was more of less there to keep us safe If you want more picture opportunities, there is a photography tour option with less people and more opportunity to take pictures.

6. This tour isn't strenuous for an average person, but has a lot of narrow pathways and narrow stairs throughout. Wear comfortable shoes and make sure you are hands free. Bring a small backpack for your belongings. I regretted this greatly. I had a sunhat that I had to hold along with my water bottle and phone. Make sure you can place everything into a backpack so you can focus on climbing stairs and taking pictures when the time comes.

I thought this was a pretty experience but I must say, I enjoyed the photos after I left more. I think photos capture the beauty of this place very well because you walk through the canyon pretty quickly while trying to get in a few good shots. But the pictures are a lovely and accurate reminder of how beautiful this place is. Glad I was able to go!

Right after this tour, we drove to Horseshoe Bend.
1. It's free to park and walk there.
2. It's less than 2 miles round trip. You walk on mostly a sandy trail to the actual bend.
3. Bring water, even if it's a short hike because the summer day had me baking.

This place was beyond magnificent. It was so large that I couldn't fit it in a picture. It could not be contained to a snapshot. It's so green and lush. There were people in canoes and boats while we were day, which had me vicariously living through them. It's a family friendly walk and adventure. Good and quick picture site with high aesthetic pay off.

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  1. The photos are amazing! I'd love to visit this place someday. And Horseshoe Bend too. I've gotta get out more...
    Thanks for sharing. I haven't been hiking in ages, and this post makes me want to go!


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