Monday, January 22, 2018

Art Challenge 2: Pokemon and Pizza

Hey everyone! I'm back with another art challenge!

What is this art challenge?

My friend and I started this really fun and silly art challenge where we throw out random topics for our next art inspiration. It gets pretty weird but it keeps things fresh and creative. 

This theme was Pokemon and Pizza. It's a strange combination and also an alliteration.

Here's mine:

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Here is Beri's:

Haha. What do you think? It's interesting how differently these turned out. I was thinking about what to paint and asked my boyfriend what comes to mind when I say pizza and pokemon and he said TMNT. I didn't catch on at first and then he explained because the turtles eat pizza. That's how my Squirtle TMNT pizza party was born! Beri was debating and which pokemon to place on her pizza and when I saw the initial sketch, it involved a variety of pokemon. Later down the road, I believe she decided to refine it to just Oddish since he's a radish. Love it none the less, especially the one that's faceplanting. >.<

Hope you all enjoy this one!! More to come. :)

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