Friday, January 12, 2018

Art Challenge 1: Alpacas Underwater

Hey everyone!

My friend and I started this really fun and silly art challenge where we throw out random topics for our next art inspiration. It gets pretty weird but it keeps things fresh and creative.

Over a phone call, I shared that I wanted to draw something underwater related and she said she wanted to draw an alpaca. And bam. We combined the prompts. The results are always fun to look at, compare, and share with the art community. So... I'm planning on sharing them all here!

Here is my friend's very.beri:

Here is mine trinketsbydana:

They ended up so differently. I love how charming and whimsical Beri's turned out with the pastel colors and carrot fish. It would be perfect for a bathroom wall art or even in a nursery room.

What do you think? If you like to make art, try this with a friend. You'll end up with the funniest topics. :) Enjoy! Happy weekend everyone.

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