Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Prom Shop Au's Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Hey everyone! 

I've been working with a lot of cool dress stores lately for the approaching spring season. I have a friend getting married soon and I'm always thinking about all the things she has to do and what dress shopping was like. It's a lot of work picking a dress so when I had the opportunity to collaborate with Prom Shop Au, I decided to share more options with you all. Let's begin on some wedding dresses from this Australian website!

Big takeaways that I like:
There is a full color and fabric chart with tailoring to fit your body. I always find that service so nice because everyone's bodies are different and it's nice to know your order was tailor-made for you. They offer formal event and prom dresses in addition to wedding dresses at an affordable price. 


Before I get started, I want to share one of my favorite lace empire dresses that runs for $137 AU. The open back and lace details on the front are very pretty but simple. It has a beachy sultry vibe to it that I think would be perfect for a getaway or backyard wedding.

Here is a cheap wedding dresses under 100 among so many more on their website. This is a $73 AU strapless taffeta dress which is very simple and unconventional. I can see this being customized in color for bridesmaids or for another formal occasion as well. 

Another option for wedding dresses online australia is a more traditional full length gown. This one below is a lace sweetheart sweep train dress that is $135 AU. I like the fluffy tulle princess gown to it and the delicate lace details as well. 

That's it for today's post. Share which dress is your favorite in the comments below. Thanks for reading and if you're in need of a formal dress, check out Prom Shop Au's shop of affordable and tailored dresses. Happy Shopping!

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