Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cabin Trips and Reflections

Hi everyone!

I just got back from a weekend cabin trip with some friends. It's been years since we did this and the last time I went compared to this time couldn't have been anymore different. The last cabin trip I went to was my first. I wanted it to be organized and structured but with a group our size, it was really hard to do that. Plus, I was starting prerequisite classes in hopes of going to grad school and I was SO stressed. Fastforward 3-4 years later, here I am done with grad school and going on another trip. It's interesting how much things change as you get older. Here are my candid thoughts and reflections...

For one, your friends all cook more and sharing the kitchen is a lot more of sharing whatever whomever cooked. Less is store bought or premade. People know how to take care of themselves more as they are older now. Things flow a lot better with cooking, sharing, and meal time.

Two-- everyone spends less time on technology because we're all together talking or playing board games. I barely touched my phone over this past weekend. In fact, I misplaced it and found it in my luggage with all the clothes when I was packing! It's such a nice break from reality and social media.

Three-- you appreciate your relationships and friendships more as it's more about quality time. I remember when making and maintaining friendships seemed so much more complicated as a teen. I didn't really understand what an authentic friendship was like and more or less understood it as two people who like each other enough to hangout. But its so much more than that. You don't have to be close to them but I feel that good friendships are more about understanding eachother's personalities and goals in friendship. My cabin trip group are all collectively fun loving but for the most part relaxed people who are okay with hanging out and spending time together.

The more I get older, the more I realize that relationships do mature in these ways and that setting aside time to do things you love or spend time with people you love is important. :)

This weekend was a great reminder to be present in your own life. Go do things you want and spend time with people you care about. Make it happen because otherwise, it wont.

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